Maya Research Program

Help conserve a Maya city: adopt a Maya site
MRP has worked for over two decades to conserve and protect the archaeology of northwestern Belize and now has implemented a new approach. The best way to protect sites is to own them. But, we very much need your help. Please help MRP purchase archaeological sites and conserve them for the future. 

Your tax deductible donation of $100 will allow us to buy a quarter of an acre and a $400 donation will buy an entire acre. Of course any donation is more than welcome! 100% of the funds go directly to this initiative (no overhead fees, etc).

As a thank you present for donations exceeding $100 USD - MRP is very pleased to offer a custom trowel! This custom heavy-duty Marshalltown 4 inch pointing trowel (London style) is the perfect tool for excavating features. Please donate now to snag a trowel and save a site!

trowel3 copy

Site Purchase Updates:

Thanks to the generosity of previous donors - MRP was able to purchase and conserve 90 acres of the site of Grey Fox.

In addition, MRP has also purchased 83 acres of site of Tamarindo and has an opportunity to purchase an additional 35 acres of Grey Fox.

Click here to donate to the adopt a Maya site campaign!